2012 ExpoldingtheCodex exhibition list.
Color Catalog of the show is available through SFCB.
                                            A Sacred Geography: Sonnets of the Himalaya and Tibet, Mary Heebner,
A Sacred Geography: Sonnets of the Himalaya and Tibet
Mary Heebner
Simplemente Maria Press
San Diego, California, 2005. 14/100.
Individual unbound sheets with engraved images pressed into each page. Housed in a linen encased box.

Alphabet Cube: Rubik’s Cube
Philip & Anna Morrison
Shoestring Press
Orinda, California, 2007.
Open Edition.
Cube with 26 type designers and styles printed on adhesive backed multicolored paper.

Around the Things We’ve Lost
Kahoru Otani
Kyoto, Japan, 2006. 2/3.
Linocuts and paste paper in simple binding.

Aunt Sallie’s Lament
Clair Van Vliet
Janus Press
Newark, Vermont, 2004. 31/120
Accordion fold format book with patterned swatches of paper, quilted cut pages. Laid in fitted box lined and covered with several patterned fabrics.

Black Torah
Robbin Ami Silverberg
Dobbin Books
Brooklyn, New York, 2003.
Graphite flax paper (pulp sprayed) with text by artist about Kabbalist Black Torah burnt out and graphite text as commentary.

Body of Text
Kelly Wellman & Madeleine Zygarewicz
Mainz, Germany, 2000. 460/500.
Printed letterpress and offset printed. Unbound and layered photographs by Xochitl Oliva. With text and thumbnail sheet at back for sequencing. Housed in a wraparound portfolio case of black cloth over boards.

Book Page Tapestry
Jody Alexander
Santa Cruz, California, 2004.
Paperback book pages, shellacked and sewn to mesh backing and attached to wooden ruler for hanging.

Anna & Arne Wolf
Berkeley, California.
Alphabet book structure, letterpress printed with multicolored inks.

Cake of Books
Jody Alexander
Jalex Press
Santa Cruz, California, 2008.
Individual bound books glued and painted with acrylic paint. Displayed in a circular, glass-covered cake dish.

Colander Calendar
Ed Baskaukas
San Francisco, California, 2006. Unique.
Metal colander width applied glue lettering and hand-punched holes designating days in the 12-month, calendar year of 2007.

Curiosity Specimen Series: Metamorphosis Four
Rhiannon Alpers
San Francisco, California, 2012. Unique.
Sculptural artist book series inspired by the writing and images of Maria Sybila Merian. Handmade papers made from exotic fibers: raw coconut, hyacinth bulbs, and other plants. Book doubles as both book and shadow box when opened.

Curiosity Specimen Series: Metamorphosis Nine
Rhiannon Alpers
San Francisco, California, 2012. Unique.
Sculptural artist book series inspired by the writing and images of Maria Sybila Merian. Handmade papers made from exotic fibers: raw coconut, hyacinth bulbs, and other plants. Book doubles as both book and shadow box when opened.

Karen Bleitz
Circle Press, London, England, 1997. 16/17
A pop-out, jig-sawed book structure on the theme of the cloned sheep. Freestanding “herd” of 45 sheep integrated into the form of the book. Text on covers taken from newspaper headlines and Nature magazine, printed letterpress.

Seiko Tachibana
Oakland, California, 2003. 6/10.
Individual, unbound intaglio prints, housed in linen encased box.

Five Luminous Towers
Carol Barton
Popular Kinetics Press
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2001. 17/50.
Offset printing, laser-cut pop-ups, light and batteries.

Ghost Diary
Maureen Cummins
High Falls, New York, 2003. Artist Proof, Edition of 25.
Glass “pages” hinged together with images and text.

Horse: Soul Book
Judy Serebrin
San Francisco, California, 2006. Unique.
High-fire porcelain stained but unglazed horse sculpture. Miniature books housed within body of sculpture. Books made from mixed media on paper (ink, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, pastepapers, prints) with exposed, link and kettle stitch bindings.

House of Cards
John Gerard
Letterpress printed in black on handmade paper. Book pages have the form of a house sidewall and are printed with Latin texts from the Bible. A handwritten register in red Lombard letters on each page. Pages are interlocked with binding strips; in a gray dropback box with title in black on front and spine.

How It Is
Brighton Press
San Diego, California, 2005. 15/30.
A twelve-page woodcut by Bill Kelly on Seichosen and Twinrocker papers. Leporello binding.

How to Make a Highbred Paper Airplane
Dolph Smith
Memphis, Tennesee, 2011. Unique.
Wooden covers with exposed binding, watercolor, folded and cut pages made from handmade paper.

Joan Ingoldsby Brown
San Francisco, California, 2000. 3/25.
Copies of images from 1800s adhered to black card stock with a modified accordion binding using green ribbon. Housed in a black Styrofoam open walled box with ribbon ties.

Inside Chance
Linda Smith
Picnic Press
Phoenix, Arizona, 2000. 29/100.
Text by Alberto Rios, relief line engravings printed on Somerset Velvet. Paper globe hand painted and encased in Plexiglas display box, on a hand printed and covered base.

Language of Her Body
Robin Price
Middletown, Connecticut, 2003. 41/60.
Tosa Hanga paper, with all media directly printed or painted onto the sheets.

Beatrice Coron
New York, New York, 2001. Edition of 25.
Black cloth houses an antique round clock attached to the lid interior: a single folded sheet with an English translation of The Clock by Théophile Gautier, and a fold-out book Vulnerant Omnes Ultima Necat.

Look Hard
Anna Wolf
Berkeley, California.
Folded paper structure and letterpress printed mantras on paper in a simple binding. Housed in Plexiglas open box.

Lunar Journey
Katherine Venturelli
Fiddletown, California, 2004
Printed papers using chine collé techniques, Turkish map fold, double-sided pages, letterpress printed with hand-etched plates.

Mending Wall
Margery S. Hellmann
The Holbourne Press
Seattle, Washington, 2000. 18/100.
Accordion-fold, popup book in five sections.
Letterpress printed in Gill Sans on Canson Mi-Teintes. Bound in gray paper over boards with burgundy spine.

Nature Fibonacci: Binary #5
Susan Happersett
Jersey City, New Jersey, 2000. Unique.
Pen and ink line drawings on gray paper in an accordion structure.

Nature Fibonacci: Scroll
Susan Happersett
Jersey City, New Jersey, 2000. Unique.
Pen and ink on a scroll structure. Housed in a light-weight black cardboard box.

O Star
Jan Owen
Belfast, Maine, 2004. Unique.
Acrylic on paper, gold leaf with woven Tyvek, calligraphy, and cloth covered portfolio case.

Palatium Paradisi Libro
Paul Johnson
Cheshire, England, 2012. Unique.
Water colored pages, hand-cut and tabbed to created pop-up scenes for every page. Housed in handmade paper case and paper rod enclosure.

PLL Three: Specimen / Kaddish
Leda Black
Palabra Press
Providence Rhode Island, 1997. 45/75.
Egg-shaped structure made of multimedia: wood, polystyrene, paper, acrylic, metal, ink, glue, and words of Walt Whitman.

Rosetta Disk
Long Now Foundation
San Francisco, CA, 2008. Open Edition.
Micro-etched text onto both sides of metal disk that can be read by a high-powered microscope. The disk contains 13,000 pages of documentation on over 1,500 human languages. A collection of information that attests to a richness of human cultural and linguistic diversity in the year 2008.

Sedimental, No. 2
Jody Alexander
Santa Cruz, California, 2011. Unique.
Wooden chair with layers of linen and felt surrounding individual bound books glued and painted with acrylic paint.

Trees: Poem by W.S. Merwin
Charles Hobson
Pacific Editions
San Francisco, California, 2010. 29/30.
Letterpress, monotype digital prints, with cut foam core and foil stamping.

True to Life
Julie Chen
Flying Fish Press
Berkeley, California, 2004. 79/100.
Letterpress printed tablet with wooden handles and Plexiglas window. The box contains a lifting floor with a built-in prop that can hold the tablet in an upright position for reading and display.

Bettina Pauly
San Francisco, California.
Four-panel tunnel book.

The White Alphabet
Ron King
Circle Press
Guilford, England, 1994. 7/150.
A double-sided concertina alphabet book without printed text.

Winter Orchard
Marie & Carl Dern
Jungle Garden Press
Berkeley, California, 2005. 20/60.
Nine-panel, two-sided accordion book featuring 18 drawings of trees in winter, printed letterpress on Arches watercolor paper. Accompanied by a metal sculpture of a tree.

Would You, If You Knew
Judith Serebrin
San Francisco, California. Unique.
Thirty pages with thirty moving parts.

Printing Office by Beatrice Ward
Norman Clayton
One Heart Press
San Francisco, California. Multi-colored broadside.

Wunder Cabinet
Barbara Hodgson & Claudia Cohen
Heavenly Monkey Editions
Vancouver, Canada, 2011. 6/36.
Decorated box with inlaid wood veneers forming geometric patterns. Inside, in addition to book, each box, in various compartments, contains a unique assortment of -approximately two dozen objects culled from the creator’s own collections.

Julie Chen
Flying Fish Press
Berkeley, California, 2012. 10/50.
Handmade book within a metal locket. Locket has individual metal locks with miniature book in one side and a word collage on the other. Housed in lasercut box.

This book was made as part of the Al-Mutanabbi Street book project; Memento contains images of the street as it was before the bombing. Woven text entwines the Preamble of the American Constitution horizontally and the Preamble of Iraq’s Constitution vertically.

The locket is inspired by Victorian mourning jewelry in which some memento of the person may be worn close to the body.

The Veil
Julie Chen
Flying Fish Press
Berkeley, California, 2001. 35/100.
Text and illustrations by Julie Chen. Magnets embedded in the covers, which allow it to be displayed in a circular, sculptural egg- like format. Presented in a fitted box with magnetic closures

Cent Pour Cent Fibres
Denise Lapointe
Sans Gras Editions
Paris, France, 2006.
Sheet of handmade green paper, cut and folded accordion-style, with single line of text on both sides. Adhered to foam core boards, covered in handmade tan and brown papers cut to resemble a slice of bread.

Three sheets of ochre-colored handmade card stock, cut to resemble Swiss cheese slices and three sheets of mottled handmade card stock resembling sliced salami; designed to lay into book within slits cut into the text block. The whole resembling a sandwich, housed in a printed paper “bag.”

Local Conditions: One Hundred Views of Mt. Rainier (At Least)
Chandler O’Leary
Anagram Press
Tacoma, Washington, 2012. 6/30.
An interactive artist book capturing the changing faces of Mt. Rainier, with 120 image flats and a viewing box. By combining and layering the flats, the reader can create literally millions of scenes. Illustrated and compiled from data collected by artist, on location, over the course of two years.
Letterpress printed, hand-watercolored, housed in a set of drawers with nested stab-bound book and Japanese-style outer wrapper.

Not A Straight Line
Emily Martin
Naughty Dog Press
Iowa City, Iowa, 2011. 2/20.
Letterpress printed on Rives BFK paper and stained with acrylic paint. Bound in covers made with Moriki and University of Iowa flax paper.
Each individual book is hinged together with walnut crackle paper from Cave Paper. Comprised of 10 linked Coptic-bound books with one line of the text in each of the books. Housed in cream linen box with elastic closure.

Excerpts from the  2011 ExpoldingtheCodex exhibition with artists websites 
           Erratum: Brief Interruptions in the Waste System,      A. Franceschini & M.Swaine,

                                                            Trees: Poem by W.S. Merwin, Charles Hobson 

Red Alphabet, Anna Wolf
As in Queen (The ABCedarium of a Typophiliac), Leda Black
Aunt Sallie's Lament, Clair Van Vliet/Janus Press,
The Veil, Julie Chen
Specimen/Kaddish,  Leda Black
Alphabet Cube: Rubik’s Cube, Shoestring Press
Colander Calendar, Ed Baskaukas
Inside Chance, Linda Smith
Cake of Books, Jody Alexander
Look Hard, Anna Wolf
House of Cards, John Gerard
How It Is, Brighton Press
Lunar Journey, Katherine Venturelli 
Souvenirs of Great Cities: San Francisco, Dorothy & Susan Yule
Trees:Poem by W. S. Merwin, Charles Hobson
Reparations, Emory Douglas, $55
Body of Text, Kelly Wellna & Madeleie Zygarewicz
It Will All Make Sense to You Later, Jody Alexander
The White Alphabet, Ron King/Circle Press, 
A Blue Coat, Arne & Anna Wolf, 
Egg, Seiko Tachibana
Five Luminous Towers, Carol Barton
Horse:Soul Book, Judy Serebrin
Around the Things We’ve Lost, Kahoru Otani
Guide to Higher Learning, Julie Chen $2175
A Sacred Geography: Sonnets of the Himalaya and Tibet,  Mary Heebner
Restless Dust, Gail Wight  $350
Winter Orchard, Marie & Carl Dern
Sainte Ostrich in Manhattan; Saint Ostrich in Manhattan,  Julie Chen
Book Page Tapestry, Jody Alexander
Printing Office, Beatrice Ward (framed broadside),  One Heart Press
Architecture of the Letter,  (framed broadside)
Journal cover for the Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Daisy Carlson Photo Print
O Star, Jan Owen
Not A Straight Line, Emily Martin
Parts, Victoria May